Germany plays host to the world – representatives from 74 countries, from politics and business organizations, made the second "Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue" a success. The fight against climate challenge is an international challenge, and the Paris Climate Agreement is the response.
Oton 1: Frank-Walter Steinmeier – German Foreign Minister
«Ladies and Gentlemen, I am convinced that we are on the right track, but because there are so many challenges to face on the way, I’m happy that you’re all here today. This conference is about networking, a forum to talk about potential problems and obstacles, and above all, a place to discuss opportunities, ideas, and successful models.“
Climate protection and climate agreements – what looks good on paper, now has to be turned into reality. Germany is grappling with the challenge head on, it is going to quit nuclear power, and renewable energies are constantly boosting their market share.
Oton 2: Sigmar Gabriel – German Economics Minister
«When we talk about renewables, we mustn’t forget the issue of efficiency. We will only be successful if we can show that the energy transition can achieve both. Climate protection and economic prosperity and better living conditions for all.“
And you can see what that looks like in practice on the outskirts of Berlin. Participants in the “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue“ visited an electric charging station. Climate neutral mobility is one of the biggest challenges we face.
Oton 3: Ehab Shalaby – Egyptian Entrepeneur
“In Egypt we are a centralized country where approximately 95 % of the people live on only 7% of the land. We need to expand east and west on the land itself. One of the most important things we need to work on now is sustainable mobility.
Germany has invested a lot in renewable energies – for industry and for the transport sector. The wind and solar energy sectors are booming, energy efficiency and productivity are interlinked. The
testing of electric induction buses like here in Braunschweig has proved successful. In our networked
world, individuals can make their mark, but only cooperation will lead to success. And that’s a big
part of the “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue“.
Oton 4: Frank-Walter Steinmeier – German Foreign Minister “The global energy transition won’t
happen on its own. “From negotiation to action“ is the motto of the hour. And so I appeal to you, let’s
do this together.“